Labelling Solutions

Varied range of lables

Pressure Sensitive Labels

Self-Adhesive Labels are laminates made from paper or filmic face stock, adhesive and a paper or filmic siliconized release liner. Printing is done on the face-stock and then die-cut to shape before the waste matrix is removed. In this technology, high quality graphics & embellishments can be achieved and can be applied to almost all kinds of containers. The options to apply these labels manually as well as through automatic applicators, is available.


  • Besides a premium look, PS Labels guarantee a perfect performance of the decoration. No wrinkles, bubbles or damaged labels throughout the supply chain. PS Labels are resistant to humidity, even in ice water.
  • No-Label Look Decoration available which is not possible with paper wet glue labels.
  • Transparent PS Labels provide a luxury appeal and underline the "purity" of the content.
  • A Comprehensive range of standard, performance and special effects labels for a wide range of applications

Baggage Tags – Boarding Passes

Ajanta is fully equipped to handle the ever-growing Aviation industry’s needs – by providing timely deliveries of Boarding passes & Baggage tags, on highly durable multi-layered substrates which can be removable or re-sealable depending on the client’s requirements.

Security / Anti-Counterfeiting labels

​Manufacturers over the world use security label and packaging solutions to safeguard goods from tampering, counterfeiting and diversion. Security labeling not only authenticates products to consumers, but also protects the company’s brand and revenues in the marketplace. In addition, security labels can be used to monitor products as they travel through the supply chain.

With their rich functionality, security labels are used to protect high-value goods or easily counterfeited items such as pharmaceuticals, electronics and other consumer goods. The security measures may be overt, visible to the human eye, or covert, viewable only via special equipment.

Seal the deal with tamper evident labels

  • Tamper evident labels are often used as package seals. Because they are impossible to transfer to other packages, these anti-tamper labeling solutions provide a powerful deterrent to theft and re-labeling.
  • VOID films, standard or customized, leave a word, pattern or logo on the labeled substrate when the label is partially or fully removed. The damage is permanent. These films cannot be smoothened down to avoid detection of the alteration.
  • Destructible papers and films either break into pieces or split into layers when tampered with.

Value Additions

Ajanta has highly configured machines for providing

  • Coupon Labels
  • Gravure Effects
  • Cold Foil & Hot Foil effects
  • Premium Shrink Sleeves