Who we are catering to

Serving Various Industries in the Market

Food & Beverages

Ajanta Packaging works closely with leading companies in the F & B industry, to design and execute premium decoration mediums for their popular brands. We deliver self adhesive lables, which are approved by US FDA & other widely recognised regulatory agencies for Food quality & Safety standards.

The Ajanta portfolio ranges from filmic labels to paper labels to eco-friendly labelling solutions. For the Beverage industry, we provide these labels for bottles of all shapes & sizes. In order to upgrade their products to a cleaner,
up-to-date classy look, most of the beverage clients are already shifting to pressure sensitive lables.

Home and Personal Care

Ajanta Packaging specializes in the Home & Personal Care labels, providing solutions for substrates of all shapes & sizes. At Ajanta, we understand the importance of winning the first moment of truth & achieving the second ! Our labels elevate your brand appeal and help the consumer in picking up your product every time! We will help your products to project the brand's quality & efficiency while they sit on the shelves. It is this visual impact that extends the initial greeting to the consumer and forces him to look specifically for your product.

Durable & Domestic Appliances

We have all the labelling solutions for these categories of products, specially adhering to weather & temperature resistance qualities, All labels that are ideal for application on kitchen & home appliances, are required to cast a lasting impression for the lifetime of a consumer.

The labels we supply will represent the initial window through which the consumer sees your products.

At the same time, they need to display all the essential information – about the product as well as statutory – without getting damaged in wet/dry conditions or exposure to UV rays. Ajanta provides all the solutions by using RoHS compliant products.


We are fully geared up for supplying high-efficiency labels which can counter the threat of counterfeiting and protect brand integrity.

We can also supply bloodbag medical labels, security / tracking labels with appropriate adhesive options while keeping abreast with all innovations and compliances of this industry.

Logistics (Aviation, Retail & Logistics)

With these evergrowing segments, Ajanta's team is ready to cater to any specific type of labels demanded by our Clients.

Chemicals & Lubricants

Based on the various statutory requirements, of providing maximum information to consumers of this segment, we are here to provide labels which give high visibility and attractive substrate options, so that the packaging needs of the industrial sector are met completely.

Our labels allow more creative freedom to enhance the product image and raise consumer awareness.